Free Preps!

April 7th, 2011 . by Felix

Free is good. If you are interested in items you can add to your preps then check out your credit card rewards program. Most of us have a credit card or debit card we use on a daily basis. With most of them they may be tied to some type of reward program. You may be accumulating points without even knowing it. Points can be exchanged for a variety of items from a toaster to a large screen tv. When I logged onto my rewards program I was surprised to see I had over 11,000 points, I guess the equivalent to around $100. There was a lot of crap I had no interest in but I started to see items I could use to add to my preps. Things such as rechargeable batteries, emergency radios, camping supplies, a REI $100 gift card. So check out your own rewards program to find things you can use. You may want to hurry since a number of banks may be discontinuing these types of programs so grab what you can while you can.

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