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Top 4 Reasons to Prep 4/4/11

Here are 4 reasons from today’s headlines why you should be prepping Barack Obama eyes $1bn re-election bid Asia’s appetite, U.S. ethanol drive up food costs Geithner warns U.S. to hit debt ceiling by May 16 Crude Oil Extends 2 1/2-Year High as Libya Fighting Adds to Supply Concern

The Impending Collapse of the Gold Bubble

Came across this interesting article over on Seeking Alpha There are “experts” that always predict gold going higher and others who say there is a gold bubble. Is gold and silver part of your overall preparedness plan? By keeping up on the latest financial news and following the swings in the gold and silver markets […]

Top 10 Scenarios To Prep For

What is your greatest fear? What are you stocking the pantry for? Why do you have a bug out bag? Why are you stocking up on survival gear and ammo? These are all good questions every prepper and survivalist should be asking themselves. When you get to the heart of the question it will either […]

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