Free Preps-Part 2

April 17th, 2011 . by Felix

Some people have a knack for finding great deals and free stuff. Lady luck just seems to shine on them. Not so much with myself. Oh sure I get the occasional good deal but usually I am a day late and a dollar short. I spend a fair amount of time on Craigslist looking for stuff. If you dig you certainly can find good stuff pretty cheap. If you are looking to add to your preps you may find all sorts of useful things. This last week I saw one listing for someone giving away free a 55 gallon barrel that had only been used to store purified water plus it came with a stand. Someone else was giving away free dehydrated food. Sounds like that had bought some long term food storage years ago and no longer wanted it. Said it was years old. In the case of low moisture vacuum sealed #10 cans I would have no issues with hanging on to the cans of wheat, rice and beans even if they were already 20 years old. Some of the other foods may of been expired but possibility still usable. And then there was the guy offering up a 2 car garage! He just wanted it taken down and moved so he could build a new one. Plenty of good lumber if you have the ability to tear down the garage and have a place to store it. Something like that could be the beginnings of a cabin or survival retreat.

I was too late on the barrel and food. But maybe next time.

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