Top 10 Scenarios To Prep For

April 3rd, 2011 . by Felix

What is your greatest fear? What are you stocking the pantry for? Why do you have a bug out bag? Why are you stocking up on survival gear and ammo? These are all good questions every prepper and survivalist should be asking themselves. When you get to the heart of the question it will either lessen your fears or cause you to want to prep even more.

In the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Richard Dryfus’s character had a nagging feeling about something, a nagging feeling that became an obsession. He started thinking about Devils Tower, he didn’t know what it was or why. But he ended up creating a model of it in his living room. Other characters in the movie also had the same obsessive nagging feelings about Devils Tower.

I think that is the way it is with many survivalists and preppers today. They may not be worried about aliens from space but they all have a nagging feeling that something is going to happen but they don’t know what, why or when. So they prep just in case. In case of what? Economic collapse? A nuclear war? Zombies? Everyone has their reasons but lets look at some real scenarios of what could happen and what you should be preparing for.

10. Zombies- Seriously not a threat. Mass civil unrest, yes, society breaking down? Yes, Riots in the streets Yes. But flesh eating zombies? Probably not.

9. Asteroids. Yes a huge asteroid did hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs but there have not been any that size for millions of years. Could it happen? Probably. What are the chances of it hitting were you live. How lucky do you feel? Of all the things to be worried about, this should not be high on your list. If you are prepped for everything else then you may be able to survive this too.

8. EMP Attack. I know some people seriously plan for this but the reality is it would be very difficult to have nuclear weapon explode over the US. So far few countries have the capabilities to do that. A solar flare could have the same effect and after a mysterious missile was launched off the west coast a sub based missile launch becomes more of a reality. This leads back to the power grid going down and the difficulties that would cause.

7. North Korea, Iran or any other rogue nation. My fear is some morning I am going to wake up and find out North Korea just launched a nuke into South Korea. Recent escalations have certainly made this possibility more of a reality. And then there is Iran. One of these days they will announce they have a nuclear weapon. Whether other countries will try and prevent that before it happens we don’t know. The clock is ticking on both of these scenarios. Either one will plunge the world into economic and political chaos which will take the world decades to recover from if ever.  Add to that scenario the chaos in the Middle East and it becomes anyone’s guess what will trigger the next big event.

6. Terrorist Attack. Terrorism is usually isolated to a very small area. Even on 9/11 what happen in New York did not directly affect the rest of the country. The after effects were what the rest of us felt. The airlines being grounded, the economic fallout, and the two wars we are paying for. Federal and local governments are doing everything possible to prevent another attack but it is only a matter of time that another attack is successful. A terrorist only has to be lucky once. If you are in the unfortunate position of being in the wrong place at the wrong time there is probably not much you can prepare for. But you can be prepared with a get home bag, ways to communicate with your family and have plans to stay in or bug out.

5. Pandemic. Unlike all other threats a pandemic could spread quickly and affect millions of people across the world. We saw the outbreak of swine flu quickly spread around the world in a short time. Luckily it wasn’t as severe or deadly as it could have been. In the event of a more deadly pandemic, transportation, food and water supplies, utilities would all be affected due to the number of people who would no longer be there to do those jobs. You and your family can prepare by staying healthy, having plans in place to isolate yourself from others and having medicines on hand so you don’t need to go out for them.

4. Natural Disaster. A hurricane in the south, a tornado in the midwest, a mudslide in the west, an ice storm in the northeast, these are all natural disasters many have experienced. More people prepare for natural disasters than anything else. It’s real, it makes sense to prepare for them. But the time to prepare is not when the winds are picking up and you are trying to board up the windows only to find out Home Depot is out of plywood. You need to prepare well in advance. You don’t need Mother Nature to have the last laugh. We have seen from the earthquake in Japan and New Zealand how quickly a natural disaster can devastate large areas. A super natural disaster might include a super volcano, which could throw ash clouds into the atmosphere for years, probably ending life on earth as we know it. Preparing for natural disasters should be at the top of everyone’s list.

3. Economic Collapse. The last 3 years have told us economic collapse is a very real possibility. The housing market has yet to recover, the market dropped and came back. People are still out of work but over all most people still get up and go to work and stop at Starbucks for their coffee. A recession has caused us pain we worked through. A total economic meltdown would shut down industry and throw everyone out on the street in a panic. Any disruption in our economic way of life is going to affect food and fuel supplies. Grocery stores will run empty. Cash machines will run out of cash. It doesn’t take much to set off a panic among the crowds. What could cause such a meltdown is anyone’s guess. It may come from another financial institution playing funny with the books, the trillions of dollars in debt we keep racking up, a foreign country defaulting or something that is not yet on anyone’s horizon. The only protection you have is to stay current on economic news and get your own financial house in order. That means eliminate as much debt as possible. Worried about inflation? Then stock up on things you use everyday that will cost more tomorrow. Already food and gas are costing more and by summer everything could be more expensive.

2. Cyber Warfare. We have already seen examples of cyber attacks both organized and those of amateurs. A teenage hacker from his bedroom could get in over his head and end up taking down the power grid. A government sponsored group could cripple our banking system.  With society and business becoming more dependent on the internet everyday, losing our online access to our bank accounts, communications and daily news could very well leave us clueless. We get restless if the internet is down even for a short time. Imagine it being out for a week or more. Not only will online commerce come to a screeching halt but also you may not have access to the records you need most. A major organized attack could cripple the internet and bring it to its knees leaving us all wondering when it will come back up. If you pay your bills online, or do your banking online do you have printouts of your accounts? Do you have your account numbers written down? The more we become dependent on technology the greater chance it will fail.

1. Power Grid Down. 100 years ago there were no computers, electric lights were few and far between, people heated their homes with coal and wood. Supermarkets were a one room shop, communications were limited, even the daily paper was turned out by hand. Fast forward to today. Everything we do is electrically based. Most of us wouldn’t know what to do if we couldn’t access Facebook let alone how to survive without power. We have had several examples of power outages over the years. Usually from storms taking down the power grid. A squirrel chewing on power wires or some minor malfunction somewhere that can take down the grid to a good section of the country. When that happens usually it affects only part of the country. The east coast may be out but the west coast is still functioning. The truth is our electrical grid infrastructure is aging, we are placing more of a demand on it all the time and it is vulnerable to solar activity, terrorist attacks and cyber warfare. If large sections of the grid go down the internet and commerce goes down with it. Hospitals and other buildings have backup generators but even those won’t keep running forever. As cities plunge into darkness, chaos is sure to follow. We have seen how an ice storm can leave people without power for a week but what about a month?, or 6 months. Without power to feed our modern conveniences we would all be plunged back to 1900.  This is something you need to plan for and is a scenario fortunately filled with options. Having your own backup system is the first step. Adding off grid solar and wind generators would be another logical step. Backups to your current heating and cooking should be redundant. In addition to those options you should become familiar with skills that were common before electricity. Such as how to repair and build without using power tools. How to actually make the products you need rather than just buy them. A major power grid down scenario is the worst case disaster waiting to happen. It would be the beginning of the end of life as we know it.

The bottom line is that nagging feeling you have is real. You need to be prepared just in case. Knowing what can happen is the first step in being prepared to survive what ever comes your way. So keep prepping just in case.

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