Mountain House Foods in Short Supply

April 7th, 2011 . by Felix

Received a copy of Emergency Essentials current catalog the other day. While thumbing through it I came across a full page notice about Mountain House Cans:

“Due to recent increase in demand Mountain House has asked all distributors to temporarily stop taking new orders for Mountain House Cans. Mountain House’s backorder is so large that they have stopped supplying all distributors with new orders for the time being.”

Right away that tells me there are more than a few people who are stocking up. If you go to the Mountain House website, they explain that they did not supply FEMA with #10 cans but they have removed #10 cans from their website. “We expect this situation to be necessary for several months although this isn’t a guarantee.”

With demand outstripping supply other suppliers will probably face similar situations. If you have been waiting to add in bulk to your food preps you may not want to wait much longer. More demand, higher food prices will lead to shortages.

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