POP! Goes Silver!

May 6th, 2011 . by Felix

Well it looks like the silver correction is under way. A drop of $14 per ounce in a week. Hopefully some of you reading took my advice last week and sold some of your silver in the $47-$48 range to buy preps. Put it this way if you sold 10 ounces of silver last week you would of had almost $500 to buy other preps. This week you are going to have $160-$200 less. $150 goes along way to buying food for another month.

Here are a few of the better articles on silver this week.

How Silver Traders Lost 22% in Five Days
Silver Keeps Falling After Hours, Down More Than 11% On the Day
Gold, Silver Pummeled; End In Sight?

If silver continues to drop, by all means look at increasing your long term holdings. But set aside a portion to sell on the next run up to buy preps.

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