A Dollar for a Can of Soup!

May 1st, 2011 . by Felix

Stopped at the grocery store earlier today for a few things, a few things always turns into $50. I noticed they had soup on sale 10 for $10. Really? A buck each for a can of cream of mushroom soup? It doesn’t seem that many years ago a can of soup was .29¢. I have been really noticing the price of food shooting up. I tend to buy the same things week in and week out and those same things are now costing 10, 20 even 30 percent more than just a few months ago. It means I have to watch every purchase. Add that to $3.99 a gallon gas and I know you can feel my pain. For those of you with large families I am sure this is getting very serious. For those of you who have been prepping for a long time your self doubts about doing the right thing have been erased. Prepping in the environment of rising food prices is even more of a challenge but it must be done. Next month that can of soup may be $2 or in the case of hyperinflation $200. Continue to prep the best you can.

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