America’s Middle Class Crisis

May 6th, 2011 . by Felix

Came across this interesting article on the America’s Middle Class Crisis: The Sobering Facts. The first sobering fact is:

“There are 8.5 million people receiving unemployment insurance and over 40 million receiving food stamps.”

The first thing I think of is what do 40 million people do when there is no food to buy with their food stamps? Chances are they are living week to week with only a minimum of food on hand. They don’t have a months worth of food and certainly not 3-6 months worth of food. What happens in the event of a major disruption of our food supply system? There will be millions of others who will be looking for food also. There are so many things that could disrupt the food chain, a trucker’s strike, power grid down, price of oil skyrocketing, not to mention events on the growing end-drought, floods, lack of fuel or chemicals.

There has never been a more urgent need to add to your food preps. When it becomes too late it will be too late and then you may find yourself standing in line with millions of others waiting for a handout.

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