Zombies-Oh My!

May 1st, 2011 . by Felix

Zombies are a great theme for a post apocalyptic world. There are websites devoted to zombie survival, zombie guns and how to kill zombies. But if you are preparing to take on the flesh eating undead you may be wasting your time. Or are you?

There may be a different type of zombie you need to look out for in a SHTF scenario. Following the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan and now the tornado’s in the south, there may be individuals walking around that might as well be classified as zombies.

After any natural disaster anyone needing help can show up at emergency shelters or centers. These can include the homeless, the mentally ill and sex offenders. People who have been getting public medical assistance for their mental illness may no longer have access to that assistance or daily medicine. Sex offenders may seek refuge in public emergency shelters, next to family’s with children. Criminals will take advantage of the situation for their own use. Looters, thugs and drug addicts may be standing in line next to you waiting for their handout and yours.

This is a reason it pays to prep, so you don’t have to expose yourself to others who may do you harm. By stocking up on food and water, you don’t need to wait till help arrives or wait in line with hundreds of others.

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