Fireworks In Your Bug Out Bag?

July 11th, 2011 . by Felix

Now that the 4th is over did you have any fireworks left over? Last summer we were coming home from vacation. We were driving through a state where fireworks are legal. My son was bugging me to stop and look at one of the big fireworks stores. So we did. I forgot what real fireworks look like. We live in a state that allows fireworks but only the ones that don’t shoot up in the air or go bang, in other words the whimpy fireworks. In looking around at the good stuff I thought there might be a use for some of these in a bug out bag.
In a survival situation smoke bombs might cover you as you make a getaway from the crowds. Same thing like firecrackers. Set off a brick of black cats and people won’t know if they are being shot at or what, they will keep their heads down while you get away. Also saves your ammunition.
There are firecrackers that go off when you pull two strings, they can be used as tripwires alerting you to someone breaking in or sneaking up on you. Any fireworks can be taken apart and used to help start a fire.
Although illegal in every state, tying an m80 to a rock and throwing it into a lake to stun fish makes a quick way to catch dinner in an extreme survival situation. I am sure there are other uses for fireworks for survival so you may just want to add a few to your bug out bag.

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