Prepping Before an Attack on Iran

February 6th, 2012 . by Felix

The tensions over Iran’s nuclear program are growing on a daily basis. Events over the past few month seem to be leading to the conclusion that it is only a matter of time if not a matter of short time before there is a military strike against Iran. Daily headlines read if diplomacy and sanctions fail, military action has not been ruled out. Iran is flexing it’s muscle  and vowing to attack any country that originates an attack against it.

What does this all mean for you and me? What are we not hearing in the news? How soon and what will be the effects? Only those at the top truly know when and if but if news reports are an indication, an attack could happen by early summer if not sooner.

What makes this so unnerving is this is not a situation where they will go in and bomb their nuclear facilities and then it is over. This is more like lighting the fuse of world war 3. Make no doubts about it Iran is preparing to be attacked and to retaliate with everything within their power. I am not sure the powers that be truly have thought this through to the end.

First blowing up a nuclear facility will release radiation into the atmosphere. We have already seen from the nuclear disaster in Japan that even small amounts of radiation can drift over the ocean and were detected in California. What happens when several facilities are hit? Second the world economy is on shaky ground at best. Oil prices will immediately spike, stock markets will nose dive and the price of gold and silver will rise. Now imagine how the US economy will react to $5.00 a gallon gas or $10 or even $20. If you can’t afford gas to get to work what happens? If the price of fuel goes up, shipping costs go up meaning everything you buy goes up. Groceries, basic essentials, and inventory at every Target and Walmart.

Turkey has said a military option would create a disaster for the region. A military option would create a disaster for the world. What happens if it escalates and nuclear weapons are used? How would Russia and China react? All bets are off in that scenario. Terrorism, a wider war and and global economic havoc could very well be the result of military action against Iran. Iran may not yet have a true nuclear weapon but they do have nuclear material, certainly enough to make dirty nuclear bombs to retaliate with.

There is probably nothing you or I can do except to be as prepared as possible in the event of an attack. The price of food and fuel will go up. Now is the time to start adding to your preps especially food and basic essentials. Items that may not be available due to shortages will be especially in demand. You may want to get your financial house in order. If you believe that means buying gold and silver now is the time to start buying. If you are new to prepping and don’t know where to begin there is a wealth of information about items to stock up on. Simply do a google search on prepping or preps, food storage, and survival. If you are short on funds, sell off items you don’t need. Take a part time job, If you have a tax refund coming in the next month or two figure out what preps you can buy with it.

There are always good reasons to be prepared, economic reasons, natural disasters, loss of a job. Many reasons we have no control over, and this is one of them. This could be the one reason above all others in your lifetime why you need to prep and be prepared.

As the war drums grow louder and the trigger fingers grow itchier staying current on the daily news is your best bet for knowing how much time you have left to prepare and to know when you have run out of time. When the first bomb drops it will be too late to stock up.

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