Using Google Images to Find Cool Prepping/Survival Ideas

April 15th, 2012 . by Felix

I am always on the outlook for new ideas and products related to prepping and survival. Recently I have started using Google Images as my search tool of choice. If you do a regular Google search, thousands of pages come up and you have to sit and sort through them hoping to find what you are looking for. Searching by images is faster and allows you to instantly zero in on what you are looking for. It allows you to find websites that you may not of found any other way. Plus it’s a lot cooler.

You can search by a broad term like “Prepping” or narrow it down to “Bug Out Kit”. One of the neat things is many times cool stuff comes up unrelated to your search term, which allows you to find even more cool stuff. Some of the terms I have been searching lately include:

Prepping, survival preps, survival, bug out,

bug out kit, edc, everyday carry,

survival kit, earthquake kit, SHTF,

survival guns, bug out shelters,

bug out tools, zombie gun, get home bag,

72 hour kit, Altoid Survival kit,

preparedness, food storage, bug out vehicles,

fishing survival kit, hobo stove,

lightweight camping gear, arctic tents,

bug out trailers, disaster preparedness.

Search for any of these terms and you will be surprised what comes up. A goldmine of new ideas! Occasionally what comes up has nothing to do with what you are searching for. Search for “preps” and you get images of prep schools, search for “survival preps” and you get survival related images.

So next time you are searching for new ideas on survival, prepping and bugout gear give Google Images a whirl. Just so you know this works pretty well on You Tube also.

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