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There are plenty of cool survival/bugout/prepping ideas scattered across the internet but trying to keep track of them takes tons of time. I now have boards on Pinterest to keep track and share those ideas. I have broken them down into the following categories: Survival and Prepping Stuff Bug Out Bags Bug Out Trailers Everyday […]

Did al-Qaeda Just Spill the Beans on How to Avoid Domestic Drones?

In the very near future there may be domestic drones flying overhead to watch and monitor your every move. Already police departments are buying unmanned mini-drones for civilian use. The potential for abuse and privacy violations is enormous. The Department of Homeland Security is willing to pay for the drones to help cities combat terrorism. […]

Build Your Own Super Insulated Survival Room

You may be well stocked on food and water, have plenty of guns and ammo but can you stay warm in the winter when your power is out or stay cool in the summer when the temperature doesn’t drop below 100 degrees? If you want to take your preps and preparedness to the next level […]