URGENT: Five Events You Must Prepare For NOW!

April 12th, 2013 . by Felix

Keep Calm and Prep On

Ask any prepper what they are preparing for and you may hear a dozen different answers. We all have our own specific reasons for why we prep but here are five that are on the front burner and could change life as we know it overnight.

North Korea- Events are changing minute to minute as you read this. The main problem is no one knows what is going to happen. This could all be a lot of noise just to get attention but it could spiral out of control very quickly. Who blinks first? A front line commander thinks he is about to be attacked fires first. A missile test goes wrong. Even though we could quickly put down any attack on South Korea, North Korea does have the capability to launch thousands of missiles into South Korea and pour thousands of troops over the border. Severe damage to South Korea would be devastating to international trade. Any use of nuclear weapons would take all the cards off the table. China and Russia won’t stand by calmly. North Korea has already supplied Iran with nuclear technology, have they already given them a nuclear bomb as a backup in the event they are attacked? While a direct attack on the US is slim at best the economic damage could be widespread. We are already spending millions of dollars per day moving troops and equipment into the area. With no one really knowing what they are capable of, it will continue to be anyone’s best guess how this will play out.

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Iran-While North Korea has taken on a more pressing need you can’t lose sight of what is going on in Iran. Iran continues to stonewall and delay as they continue to move towards building a nuclear weapon. They facts are they be much closer to having enough material for not one but two nuclear weapons within months. President Obama may of given Israel the green light for an attack on Iran as early as this summer. A war in the Middle East that interrupts the oil supply will be an economic catastrophe that will affect everything you do.

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Cyber Warfare- 25 years ago we didn’t have computers in our homes, our financial and infrastructure wasn’t interconnected with the rest of the world. The internet has changed our lives in many ways but not all for the good. Hackers are flooding the worlds computer controlled systems with daily attacks. There have been countless attacks against financial and business sites. The federal government receives over 15,000 cyber attacks per day. Recently there was a record setting denial of service attack that was the largest ever seen. Cyber attacks are more frequent and more sophisticated than ever. Much of it state sponsored. It is only a matter of time when a cyber attack takes down our financial system or power grid. We have become complacent in being able to log on and check our bank balances, pay our bills and communicate with friends and family. That could all disappear in an instant. Without access to your online accounts you may be left out in the cold.

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Pandemic-There is a new strain of the bird flu H7N9 that has the ability to infect humans. Already in China 38 people have become infected and 10 have died. This new strain along with other recent events may have you wondering if this could develop into a pandemic. Any virus that mutates and can affect humans is a serious worry. We saw with the swine flu it was only a matter of weeks that the virus spread around the world. A new virus means the chances of having any immunity to it are slim. In March there was a mysterious new SARS like virus killed 11 out of 17 patients. In Indonesia a recent bird flu outbreak may have been bioterrorism. While normal flu season may be over we may start seeing mysterious other flu like viruses start popping up around the world. A pandemic has no borders.

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Economic Armageddon-Have you enjoyed the economic recovery? Is your stock portfolio rising in value? How are your savings? Good job? Well chances are you probably said no to all of these. 90 million people are not in the labor force, 47 million people are on food stamps. People are still underwater on their mortgages and living paycheck to paycheck. Many people have just given up looking for work.

Recent events in Cyprus have told us our savings in banks may not be available to us when we need them. A bank holiday in the US would cause wide spread panic, ATM machines would quickly run out of cash or stop working. While the stock market is setting new highs, gold and silver have been going down, yet millions of silver eagles are being sold every month and gold bullion is in short supply in Asia. Bitcoin is on a roller coaster as people look for alternatives to the banking system. Inflation has been low unless you have been to the grocery store lately or tried to buy ammo. The result of last years summer drought will start showing up in soon in higher food prices. And now this summer’s drought is predicted to be just as bad. Add to this mix the budget and debt issues, the sequester, the Euro crisis and a possible war in Korea and the domino’s could start to fall quickly. We don’t need a major depression, economic collapse or hyper-inflation to cause financial hardships. A war in the Middle East that causes gas to go to $10 a gallon, food prices to go up 25% or a bank failure and the collapse of the dollar all could trigger economic Armageddon.

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Black Swan or the Perfect Storm- Anyone of these events could cause the SHTF but the truth is they are all very interconnected. One event may light the fuse to the next and that could lead to some unknown event. There seems to be a number of things that are currently brewing that could blow up into events that would be the beginning of the end. In the next few months be prepared because by summer we are going hot.

So what steps should you take to be prepared? If you are new to prepping there is a wealth of information online to help you prepare, for those of you who are already fairly well prepared here are a few more suggestions.

Food-A six month supply would be a good start. This would help you ride out any interruption in the supply chain and help you avoid the effects of inflation. Spring is here or almost here, plan on planting a garden this year to help offset increased food costs.

Money-Gold and silver are currently on the downward trend and now could be an excellent time to add to your stockpiles. Having wealth you can hold in your hand and not in a bank will become critical in the event any financial crisis. Having cash at home will help you get by when the cash machines don’t work. Consider opening other bank accounts so you can spread your money around in order to have access to your money in the event one account goes down.

Ammo-If you have been trying to buy ammo you know lead is the new gold. Your choice is either pay the inflated prices that some dealers are charging when you can find it or wait until things are back to normal and the panic buying has dropped off.

Cyber-Back up your computer files, print out statements for all your online accounts, do you know your account numbers for your utilities and mortgage? Do you have a list of phone numbers or are they all on your phone? Hard printed copies of your important papers may become essential in the event of a power outage.

Keep Calm and Prep On….

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