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Prepping Before an Attack on Iran

The tensions over Iran’s nuclear program are growing on a daily basis. Events over the past few month seem to be leading to the conclusion that it is only a matter of time if not a matter of short time before there is a military strike against Iran. Daily headlines read if diplomacy and sanctions […]

POP! Goes Silver!

Well it looks like the silver correction is under way. A drop of $14 per ounce in a week. Hopefully some of you reading took my advice last week and sold some of your silver in the $47-$48 range to buy preps. Put it this way if you sold 10 ounces of silver last week […]

$50 Silver?

Silver continues to climb to new records. At the pace it has been moving up we could very well see it break through the $50 barrier and then spike to $65. As you well know the markets can be going gang busters one day and crash the next. Silver and gold have been getting much […]

The Impending Collapse of the Gold Bubble

Came across this interesting article over on Seeking Alpha There are “experts” that always predict gold going higher and others who say there is a gold bubble. Is gold and silver part of your overall preparedness plan? By keeping up on the latest financial news and following the swings in the gold and silver markets […]