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Did al-Qaeda Just Spill the Beans on How to Avoid Domestic Drones?

In the very near future there may be domestic drones flying overhead to watch and monitor your every move. Already police departments are buying unmanned mini-drones for civilian use. The potential for abuse and privacy violations is enormous. The Department of Homeland Security is willing to pay for the drones to help cities combat terrorism. […]

Do You Know Your Passwords?

Last weekend my credit union went to a new online system. When I tried to log on to my account it wasn’t accepting my password. After a couple more failed attempts it locked me out! I had to wait until the next day to call them when they opened at 9am  to have my password […]

The Coming Digital Cashless Society

What do the following articles have in common? Visa Digital Wallet Accelerates Mobile-Payments Race McDonald’s upgrades — cashiers out, computers in AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile adjust plans for cellphones-as-digital-wallets service They are all signs of the coming digital cashless society. The day is coming where you have no choice but to use a credit […]