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There are plenty of cool survival/bugout/prepping ideas scattered across the internet but trying to keep track of them takes tons of time. I now have boards on Pinterest to keep track and share those ideas. I have broken them down into the following categories: Survival and Prepping Stuff Bug Out Bags Bug Out Trailers Everyday […]

Using Google Images to Find Cool Prepping/Survival Ideas

I am always on the outlook for new ideas and products related to prepping and survival. Recently I have started using Google Images as my search tool of choice. If you do a regular Google search, thousands of pages come up and you have to sit and sort through them hoping to find what you […]

$10 Police Flashlight Hack!

Came across this flashlight hack on YouTube. Looks like it works ok but the batteries may be more expensive and the new bulb may melt a cheap flashlight lens. But still a cool project.

The Runnur for EDC

Came across this in the 2011 edition of Backpacker Gear Guide. The Runnur is a strap that is worn across the body from shoulder to hip to carry essential items you need during the day such as your keys, sunglasses, cash, phone, etc. Made for people who have too much stuff for their pockets or […]